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Creating a Legacy Family History Book – Premium Package

Learn to create a legacy family history book your family will cherish for generations to come.  Through the use of the software program MyCanvas, students will learn to create an all-encompassing family history legacy book. Combine narrative stories, pictures, documents and charts to create a beautiful coffee-table style book. Students receive weekly video demonstrations along with written articles and links and examples to help them visualise their book and organise and write their stories.

When you purchase this course you receive 16 videos that will help you to create your own beautiful legacy family history book using MyCanvas software by Alexanders.

Download your videos and watch them in your own time at your own pace.

Have questions as you create your legacy family history book, we are here to help. You’ll also receive access to our private Facebook group, where you can ask your questions to the teacher and even pick the brains others also build their own legacy family history book.

The Video Lessons

1.My Canvas Tour and Introduction
2.First Decisions
3.Creating a Workflow
4.MyCanvas Bells & Whistles
5.Importing and Editing Pictures
6.Copyright and Permissions
7.Structuring Your Stories
8.Structuring Your Book in MyCanvas
9.The Architecture of a Page
10.The Building Blocks of Creative Nonfiction
11.Creating Pages
12.Mapping Your Story
13.How to Write a Scene
14.Enhancing Your Stories
15.Revisions and Editing
16.Editing and Ordering Your Book


Learn to create a legacy family history book your family will cherish for generations to come.
Watch this 6-minute video to learn more.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to MyCanvas
MyCanvas Tour and Introduction Details 00:25:00
Your First Decisions Details 00:26:00
In First Decisions, we look at all those important items we must consider before beginning our book. What does our end goal look like? Who is our audience? How much will it cost? and so much more.
Getting Ready to Build and Write
Creating a Workflow Details 01:14:00
In this video, we get ourselves organised so that we can begin to start our book. We look at creating a workflow including Evernote, citation managers and the writing software Scrivener.
MyCanvas Bells & Whistles Details 00:24:00
In this video, you'll explore the many options that the MyCanvas program offers you to help you create a beautiful legacy book
Handling Pictures and Documents
Importing and Editing Your Pictures Details 00:24:00
In this video, you import your pictures, and documents into the MyCanvas program. We will also touch on editing these pictures.
Copyright and Permissions Details 00:25:00
Tips on how to interview your relatives, get permissions to include those interviews in your book. You'll also learn about copyright laws and how they relate to what you include in your book.
Structuring Your Book and Stories
Structuring Your Stories Details 00:00:18
In this video, we look at the many options for structuring your book and your stories and the various elements to consider including the size and scope of your book and stories.
Structuring Your Book in MyCanvas Details 00:13:00
In this video, you'll explore the options in structuring your book.
The Architecture of a Page and a Story
The Architecture of a Page Details 00:27:00
In this video, you learn how to format a page in MyCanvas.
The Building Blocks of Story Details 00:24:00
In this video, we help you to understand the genre of writing known at creative nonfiction. Creative nonfiction is the style of writing that we embrace to write entertaining and compelling true stories.
More Pages, More writing
Creating More Pages Details 00:45:00
We look at more options for making pages in your legacy book.
Week 6 – Mapping Your Story Details 00:28:00
In this video, you learn to map out your story so that you have a plan going forward as you write your stories.
Enchancing Your Pages and Stories
Enhancing Your Stories Details 00:13:00
In this video, you'll look at the various ways you can enhance your written stories with the what goes on the pages.
Polishing Your Book
Revisions and Editing Details 00:20:00
Let's look at how to best revise and edit your stories.
Editing and Ordering Your Book Details 00:31:00
Learn how to best edit your book and options for ordering your book.

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  1. Creating MY Family Tree Book


    Lynn and Danette, Thank you so much for the very informative course on creating a family history book. I had been wanting to make a book like the one you have both created for a long time and now I am really enjoying doing a book for my family. You have both been very accessible and answered all my questions when I needed help. Your course has given me the motivation to get started on a book after years of gathering facts and information. Well done on your course and I have no doubt it will be a huge success! Kind regards
    Helen B

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