Creating a Writer’s Life

In order to sustain your writing over a time, or to make it a daily part of your life, it’s important to create an environment that can sustain your desire. Here are a few tips to help you continue on your path and make writing an ongoing part of your life.

Enlist the help of others. All writers need support, from various sources, most certainly your family, secondly a writing friend or a group. Find your support system either in your local community or online, these support systems are immeasurable in providing motivation and feedback. Get involved in a writing group, better yet start one.

Continue to improve your craft, by taking classes, reading and practicing your skills. Writing is an ever evolving process, regardless of your level of experience. I am committing to offering you further workbooks, webinars, and online classes to help you improve your family history writing skills.  I hope these tools will continue to keep you focused and moving forward in your writing. Many of these tools are in the works as I post this, and I will deliver information about them to your inbox in the coming weeks and months.

Find your ideal time. I hope over the course of this last month, you found your ideal writing time. Try to continue on with this pattern. If you can manage to continue to write every day or 4-5 times a week, you’ll find this solid commitment will go a long way to achieving your goals and improving your skills.  If you return to old habits of writing when you find some time, you’ll soon discover it won’t happen. Most of us have some sort of constraints on our time, but without a plan nothing will change. Writers make writing a priority.

Plan your writing. One source of writer’s block is simply not knowing what you’re going to write about next in your story. Try to have a plan and deal with story problems before you sit down to write. Then when writing time rolls around, your issue is solved and you won’t waste your time starting at a blinking cursor.

Seek deadlines and accountability. Even better than someone to cheer you on is someone who will hold you accountable and critique you and keep you on track. Find someone who will offer you unbiased feedback that will allow you to continue to grow and develop as a writer. If finding that someone is a challenge for you, I consider our coaching program, a great resource where you can seek my advice and feedback on your story.  We can arrange check in dates and critiques throughout the year, an inspirational way to have your own family history writing coach in your back pocket.

Believe you are a writer.  Until you truly believe it, proclaim it and embrace it, you will not make writing a priority. This is easier said than done. Too often, everything else seems more important. Is it really a lack of time or skills that hold you back — or is it fear? Writing is about being vulnerable and leaving a piece of yourself on the page. Until you cross this threshold of fear, and face the risks you won’t open yourself up to the rewards. Believe you are a writer, and the rest will fall into place.



August 12, 2016
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