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Story Critique


 Submit a 5-30 page family history narrative for a story critique.

Price is per page.

See product description below for page formatting.





Looking for feedback on your family history story?

Need ideas on how to improve your narrative and turn it into a page-turning story? Do you want honest and encouraging feedback that doesn’t come from a family or friend? Would you like to receive a critique from someone who knows and understands the mechanics of a great story, a great family history story, someone who can help you write stories that will emotionally engage your readers?  Consider a Family History Story Critique by Lynn


Submit a 5-30 page family history story for a story critique.


What does a family history story critique involve?

After reading your submission, I will provide specific detailed feedback and recommendations on your family history narrative. My comments focus on your use of creative nonfiction in telling your family history stories. I will look at characterization, dialogue, setting, theme and plot, and the use of scenes as a vehicle to deliver page-turning stories.

What it doesn’t include.

  • I will not rewrite or revise for you, except in the case of providing an example of how to revise on your own.
  • I will not correct grammar, mechanics, and spelling. This is the work of a copyeditor or proofreader.
  • I will not check and correct for style. Eg. Chicago Manual of Style or AP style.
  • Provide any fact-checking
  • Provide answers or advice on legal issues.


How painful will the critique be?

Critiques are meant as a tool to help better your writing. In your family history story critique, I will point out what may not be working in your story but equally important, what is working. I’m a nice person, don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. It’s not my desire to hurt your feelings but in order to help you improve your writing, I will be truthful. Critiques are one of the best ways to improve your writing, but to benefit you must be open to the process. If you’re up to the challenge, I’ll help you move your writing to the next level.

Minimum length requirement

 Present a minimum of 5 pages to a maximum of 30 pages ready for review.  For longer works, including novels, please submit to the Family History Beta Reader Critique.


Formatting Requirements

 Please format your manuscript prior to completing your purchase to ensure that you purchase the correct number of pages.

All documents must be submitted electronically in the following formats:

  1. Word document (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text File (.rtf)
  2. 8.5 x 11 page size
  3. Double-spacing throughout
  4. 2.54 cm on top and bottom and 1.91 cm margins on left and right sides. Or select moderate margins in settings.
  5. Times font, 12-point font size


If your manuscript does not meet these formatting requirements, we will either return the document to you for correction or we will apply these settings ourselves when possible, and only critique the number of pages that match your payment.


Upon payment, you will receive a downloadable pdf outlining submission instructions, you’ll receive an expected completion date, most critiques will take place within a 2 week window. However, this may fluctuated depending on my current workload.  


There are no refunds for this service.


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