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Find, Organize, and Plan is the Focus in the Family History Writing Challenge Prep Course

Organize yourself and your research, find your story, and plan 4 weeks of writing in preparation for the Family History Writing Challenge. This year make the most of February, come prepared to meet with success.


Find, Organize and Plan Your Story: Family History Writing Challenge Prep Course

Every year thousands of family historians join the Family History Writing Challenge during February. We dedicate the month to writing our family history stories. But each year I hear about those of you who don’t complete your stories or who are overwhelmed and so many who just don’t know where to begin. This year, I’ve designed a prep course to help you meet with success. From getting yourself organized, enlisting the help of writer’s tools, to finding your story and plotting out that story in advance to getting into a writer’s mindset, this class is designed to help you spend some time upfront so that you can see your results by the end of February.  This course will give you all the tools to develop a working plan so that you’ll know exactly what you need to write each day.  Success is met when we have a goal and plan to reach that goal. This course will teach you how to develop a writing goal for a story and create a plan to meet that goal.

You’ll receive 10 downloadable lessons which will come in the form of articles, videos, and handouts to help you organize yourself, find your story and develop a plan for writing during The Challenge. There is a worksheet attached to each lesson.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to organize yourself and your research and create a workflow to be an efficient writer
  • How to find and flesh out the story you want to write.
  • Learn about the writer’s tools that make writing efficient and productive
  • Flesh out your story and devise a 4-week writing plan.
  • Learn to think like a writer.

Don’t go into another writing challenge without a goal and a plan. We can help you achieve both with our Family History Writing Challenge Prep Course. More importantly, you’ll continue to use these tools throughout the year every time you want to write a story. Learn to develop practical and achievable goals and plans to write your family history stories.



What You’ll Learn in Your 10 Video Classes

Session 1 – Let’s Do the Math

Session 2 – Choosing an Ancestor

Session 3 – Getting Organized

Session 4 – Ancestor Profile

Session 5 – Timelines

Session 6 – Fleshing Out the Story

Session 7 – Scene and Summary

Session 8 – Mapping a Storyline

Session 9 – Storyboarding

Session 10 – A Writer’s Mindset


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