The Family History Writing Studio

Finding the Story Workbook #3


Downloadable E-Workbook

With Workbook No. 3 in hand, there is no guessing when it comes to writing your stories. You’ll have a clear story plan to sit down and write with every day.

In this workbook,

  • You’ll find story ideas in your research
  • You’ll identify the important elements of a story and find them in your ancestor’s story.
  • You’ll create a story plan
  • You’ll organize your scenes and summaries
  • You’ll learn to layer your story with meaning and emotion to create a compelling story

Packed with worksheets and tools, this book will set you on the clear path to writing a family history story that is entertaining, educational and inspiring.

Tools include:

The Family History Story P.A.T.H.

The Family History Story Map

Theme Brainstorming Chart

Index Card with Storyboard

Scene or Summary Guide



Table of Contents

Chapter One – Why Story?

 Chapter Two – Finding Story Ideas

 Chapter Three – Narrative Structure

 Chapter Four – The Universal Story

 Chapter Five – Finding the Story P.A.T.H. (includes worksheets)

 Chapter Six – Elements of Story

 Chapter Seven – Scene and Summary

 Chapter Eight  – Outlining – When, Why and How? 

Outlining Tools include The Family History Story Map, Theme Brainstorming Chart, Index Card with                            Storyboard, and the Scene or Summary Guide (SOS Guide)

 Chapter Nine – Plot Layers 

 Chapter Ten – The Beginning (includes worksheets)

 Chapter Eleven – The Middle (includes worksheets)

 Chapter Twelve – The End (includes worksheets)

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