Scrivener for the Family Historian

Scrivener Templates for Family History Writers

Scrivener comes with templates but of course, they don’t really meet the various needs of the family historian.

So, I created a few templates that might meet with your ideas of a family history book.


Family History Template – 4 Ancestors- Family History Template 1.scriv 

(For use with as many ancestors as you like, includes 4, eliminate or add as you wish.)

Surname Template –Single Surname 3- Generations

(Provides 3 generations of single surname, add or eliminate generations as needed.) 

Couples –Family History Template One Couple

(Provides for two ancestor’s individual stories and then their combined story.)

How to Save a Template

After you download it, do the following to get set up:

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Open the Scrivener project
  3. In the File Menu, go to File > Save As Template…
  4. Fill out all the info you see there (it should be automatically filled out for you).
  5. Categorize it as “Non-fiction”
  6. Click “OK”

To start a new project using this template, go to File > New Project

Select the Family History Template of your choosing and start writing.

Go ahead and change or tweak my template to fit your own preferences.

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