Lynn’s Inner Circle

Global Online Writing Group for Studio Students


Struggling to finish your story?

Lack motivation?

In need of accountability?

You’re not alone!



We are a group of writers who acknowledge that accountability and motivation can come from hanging out with fellow writers, even if they’re on the other side of the world.  We keep each other accountable to our projects and deadlines, offer constructive feedback and unending support and share the tools we use to stay motivated, inspired and productive.

Lynn’s Inner Circle is designed to keep you on task and focused. The online global group of family history writers offers constructive feedback and positive support.

Join Lynn’s Inner Circle and overcome your personal obstacles in completing your family history stories.

Get the accountability and structure you need to write daily and become a productive writer.

Enjoy the support of your peers and Coach Lynn in our online writing group forum.

Your subscription includes:

  • The choice to upload two stories a month (maximum of 1000 words each) to our private forum.
  • Receive feedback on your writing from your peers.
  • Learn from reading your peers’ stories and learn to give constructive feedback.
  • Receive a podcast twice a month by Lynn. The podcast is exclusive to this online group. The focus of the podcasts include developing writing habits, self-confidence, overcoming writing fears etc. (not the craft of writing we have classes and workbooks for that)
  • Jump in on the opportunity to be a beta reader for Lynn’s upcoming projects.
  • Create a group of beta readers for your finish story or book.


We ask that you’ve completed our two online courses Plotting a Family History Story and Writing a Family History Scene to be a member of the Inner Circle. This way we know that all participants have an understanding of narrative nonfiction. While members of the group may have different needs and are at different places in their writing journey we want all who join the group to have a good grasp of narrative nonfiction and are prepared to make some headway and are looking for support, feedback and accountability to make it happen.

**Note:  The subscription price to this online group is $40.00 for the first year. This is an introductory price and will be limited to our early adopters. Lynn’s Inner Circle is currently available by invitation only.


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