Writing Ancestor Profiles


Begins September 18, 2018

The Perfect Place to Begin Writing Family History

Ancestor Profiles are the perfect place to start if you’re new to writing. They are also a great tool to use to write up your information as you work your way through your research. You don’t have to wait until you’re done.

We take all the mystery out of writing about your ancestors in this 6-week course. Students will start from the basics, choosing an ancestor to write about through to a complete 1200-word ancestor profile.  Each week students learn new techniques to layer into their profile.

Students will also learn to write a variety of profiles including snapshot profiles and obituaries. You’ll learn how to begin and end your profiles, finding a focus and planning and organizing your profile. Once you learn to write one profile you’ll be able to apply the same techniques to all the ancestors in your tree.

Ancestor Profiles make great blog posts and work nicely in your Legacy Family History books.

Join us for this new 6-week course – no writing experience required.

Week 1 – What is a Profile?

  • What is a profile?
  • Characteristics of a Good Profile
  • How to Use a Profile
  • Types of Profiles
  • Obits

Week 2 – Learning to Shape a Profile

  • Basic elements of a profile
  • Structure of a profile
  • Types of Leads
  • Lead-Ins and NutGraphs

Week 3 – Planning Your Profile

  • Organizing the Profile
  • The Body of the Profile
  • Choosing Your Subject
  • Details and Description
  • Interviewing for a Profile


Week 4 – Making Your Profile Active and Engaging

  • Using scenes – How to show not just tell
  • Active Sentences
  • Dialogue and Quotations
  • Snapshot Profiles

Week 5 –  More than Facts and Footnotes

  • Learn to give your profile depth that goes beyond the facts and footnotes
  • Focus on adding decisive moments or turning
  • The Goal Method to Structure a Profile

Week 6 –Tightening and Revision

  • Endings
  • Tightening and Revisions

During this 6-week course, students will complete an exercise in brainstorming and gathering material, planning a profile, writing a profile from an interview, writing a snapshot profile, writing an obit and writing a 1200 word ancestor profile.

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Course Curriculum

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