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You are provided with two coaches that will offer you help when you need it in our Private Facebook Group. 


You'll see plenty of page examples to offer you ideas to create your own Legacy Family History Book. 


We know working on a family history book is big task, this course is structured so you can work on it in your own time.


We've combined not only the ability to create beautiful pages but information to help you write stories to go alongside with your pictures and documents. 

Here's Everything You Get in this Course

Over 7 hours of instruction delivered in 16 easy to follow videos
Video 1

Duration: 25 mins

MyCanvas Tour and Introduction

We take you on a tour of the MyCanvas program and help you set up an account. 

Video 3

Duration: 1 hr 13 mins 

Organization and Workflow

Learn to organize yourself and your research to create an effect workflow so that your writing and bookmaking is efficient and productive.

Video 5

Duration: 24 mins 

Importing Pictures and Documents

Learn how to bring your pictures into the program and how to edit your pictures for a professional looking book. 

Video 7

Duration: 18 mins 

Structuring Your Stories

You'll look at a variety of options for organizing and structuring your stories. 

Video 9

Duration: 26 mins 

The Artitecture of a Page

We look at how to build a page in the MyCanvas software. ​

Video 11

Duration: 45 mins 

Making More Pages

We look at more options for pages styles in the MyCanvas software. ​

Video 13

Duration: 17 mins

Mapping Your Story

Learn how to map out your family history story from beginning to end. It makes writing so much easier when you know each step along the way. 

Video 15

Duration: 20 mins 

Revisions and Editing Your Stories

Learn some tips for revising and editing your written stories. 

Video 2

Duration: 26 mins

First Decisions

We take a look at some important first decisions about your book before you begin.

Video 4 

Duration: 25 mins 

MyCanvas Bells and Whistles

We look at all the goodies that MyCanvas has to offer which makes this program so unique program.        

Video 6

Duration: 35m

Copyright, Scanning and Permissions

Learn what you can and cannot put in your book and how to acquire permissions. 

Video 8

Duration: 13 mins 

Structuring Your Book in MyCanvas

We look at how to organize your family history in a legacy book using the MyCanvas software.

Video 10

Duration: 28 mins 

Scene and Summary

We look a narrative nonfiction and how we can use it to write our family history stories

Video 12

Duration: 28 mins 

How to Write a Scene

We learn to write a scene, an important aspect of narrative nonfiction required to bring your stories to life. 

Video 14

Duration: 14 mins 

Enchancing Your Stories 

Learn how to add a variety of elements to your pages to help enhance the stories you are telling. ​

Video 16

Duration:  33 mins 

Editing and Ordering Your Book

Learn how to edit your book and how to go about ordering your book for your family.


When you purchase the premium package you get our extra bonuses! 

Ebook - Complete Guide to the Family History Interview

You'll receive our ebook, The Complete Guide to the Family History Interview. The ebook offers helpful guidance for talking to your family and drawing out important information. It includes 130 interview questions.


Getting Ready to Write Ebook 

This ebook is the first in our Write Your Family History Series. It will help you to get organized making you a more efficient and productive family history writer. 

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About the Coaches

Meet your Coaches Lynn Palermo and Danette Taylor. 

Lynn and Danette combined forces over 10 years ago to create their own Legacy Family History Book using the MyCanvas software. Their book received a great deal of acclaimations including from the MyCanvas company.  MyCanvas includes this book in their collection when attending conferences to share with potential customers.

“The most comprehensive book we have printed to date.”

Now Lynn and Danette have combined their efforts once again to help others create their own family history book. Lynn and Danette understand that creating this kind of a book can be a large and overwhelming project. They have broken project down into easy steps to keep the process simple and manageable.  Lynn brings over 15 years of writing experience to the course helping you to organize and write your family history stories while Danette, the artist, brings her creative ideas to the design of the book. You'll be able to draw on both coaches to help you create your own Legacy Family History book that will be cherished for generations to come. 

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