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The Family History Writing Challenge

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 Ann Ward 

 Family History Writing Challenge Subscriber and Studio Student


Now’s the time to think what you’d like to write in the February 2018 Family History Writing Challenge and set up your plan.

I was a newbie to writing in late January 2017 and truly wished I’d seen information about the Writing Challenge long before then. I didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted to write. I just knew that I did. Jumping over my comfort edge, I signed up. In retrospect, a plan for my writing would have been helpful.

The experience though was still very rewarding. Don’t be afraid to participate in the Forum. Post your work. This is a chance for others to read what you’ve written and give constructive feedback. With Lynn weighing in and other Challenge participants too, I was able to see how I could improve my story. It also helped me to read some other people’s work. Soon I was able to pick up pointers of how they crafted their story. It gave me ideas that I could use in my own. The 28 days of February flew by.  My writing didn’t stop on March 1st and I’m still learning how to write interesting stories. By allowing myself the time to write, I know in the long run my family history will be read, and not just put on the shelf to gather dust.

 Julia Gross 

 Family History Challenge Subscriber and Studio Student 


I'm so glad I stumbled across Lynn Palermo's Family History Writing Challenge several years ago. I keep coming back and have done the Challenge three times now.

It really doesn't matter what stage you are at – whether you are starting out, or are more experienced family history writer, you will benefit. It's all about setting goals, staying focused and sharing results with a friendly bunch of fellow writers.

It's Starts with One Story
Myth: You don't need to complete your genealogy to begin writing. 
Fact: You only need one story, one ancestor. 

The Writing Begins In:


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