Struggling to Finish Your Family History Stories?

Lynn talks about her new group that will help you be a more productive writer


Learn the Skills Required to be a Productive and Accomplished Family History Writer 


Share your writing with like-minded writers

Sure you can share your writing with family and friends and ask them to give you feedback but they tend to be bias and tell you what you want to hear. They also can't necessarily give you suggestions on how to fix a story problem. Get help from writers who understand family history writing and the struggles we uniquely face.


Be accountable and meet your deadlines
It's so easy to procrastinate. Yes, you can give yourself a deadline, but when others are expecting to read your work on a monthly basis you'll find yourself focused and on task. 


Learn from other family history writers
Reading other writers' work can be quite valuable in your own writing journey. We can learn a great deal about how other writers handle a variety of situations when it comes to family history writing. Don't overlook the value of reading the work of your peers. 


Be one of Lynn's beta readers, or create your own beta reader group. 
Lynn's in the middle of working on some projects and she'll eventually need some beta readers. She'll be starting a beta reader group for these stories and books. Only Inner Circle Members can be her beta readers. You can read her completed drafts and give your feedback before they go to print. In other words, the teacher becomes the student. 


What's Included in Your Inner Circle Subscription

Tools to help you stay focused and finish your stories

Writing Forum 

Global Family History Writers

  1. Share your writing in our worldwide group of like-minded family history writers. Submit two submissions of 1000 words each per month.

Productivity Podcast

Tips, Tools and Writing Habits

Lynn offers advice on focus, writing habits and self-confidence in a bi-weekly podcast. She'll also share her current writing journey experiences. Exclusive to Inner Circle Members.

Beta Reader Groups

Create a Group

Start your own beta readers group to read, edit and give feedback on your completed story or book. 

Constructive Feedback

Feedback from Writers

Get feedback from other family history writers who understand the craft of writing family history stories. Don't rely on your family and friends who tend to tell you what you want to hear. 

Lynn's Beta Group

Read Lynn's Stories

Lynn will create a beta readers' group for her projects. Jump in on the opportunity to read Lynn's stories before they're published and offer feedback and advice. The teacher becomes the student.

New Courses

First In Line

Don't miss out. Inner Circle members are first in line for all new courses. 

About the Coach

Creator and your host in The Family History Writing Studio, Lynn has been guiding students through the narrative nonfiction writing process. For the past 3 years she's helped hundreds of family historians craft their stories but also share them in a supportive and nurturing environment so that they can grow as writers.  Lynn is the author of her own family history book, The Waters of My Ancestors, and she knows all too well the challenges genealogists face in shaping their research into narratives but also finding time in a busy life to reach deadlines and finish projects.


In the spring of 2018, Lynn will be finishing a certificate in creative writing with the University of Toronto. She will then begin to compile her next commercial book that will involve a collection of family history stories that will serve as examples to her students and the genealogy community of interesting, compelling and true life narratives. 

She's excited to help you on your writing journey and invites you to tag along on hers. 

Lynn Palermo, Family Historian and Writing Coach

Is This Course Right For You?

We want you to succeed and get the most from the Studio. Check below to see if you're ready for the Inner Circle. 

Who is this for

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    You've taken our Narrative Nonfiction Classes
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    You're insecure about your writing and need feedback from others to built your self-confidence. 
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    You keep stopping and starting your project never getting it finished. You're in need of some routine habits and a schedule. 
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    You want to learn from others and help them develop their writing skills in the process.

Who is this not for

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    You are brand new to writing and haven't written a word.
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    You don't know anything about writing narrative nonfiction and haven't taken our courses.
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    You don't know who you want to write about or have a plan. 
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    You're not ready to share your writing or offer others feedback.

Haven't Completed Our Prerequisite Courses?


Includes Online Courses

Writing a Family History Scene

Plotting a Family History Story 

Lynn's Inner Circle



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why do you limit how much writing I can post? 

What happens next?

Does this come with classes? 

Do I need to participate in the forum? 

Will I get feedback from Lynn every time I post my writing? 

Do I need to give feedback? 

What is a Beta Group?

Do I have to take your writing classes before I can subscribe? 

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