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Story Coaching Program


Multi-Session Package – Five for the Price of Four

Receive one 60-minute session free when you purchase a 4- session coaching package.





Writing Guidance for Family History Writers

 The Family History Story Coaching Program is perfect for the family historian who wants guidance in organizing and brainstorming their stories and book. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, these sessions can help you set a plan in place. Multi-session package is designed to help put a series of coaching sessions in place to stay on track, keep you motivated and accountable and get feedback and advice and the various stages of your writing journey.


Our discussion can include any of the following:

Organization of your story and project, and or book.

Brainstorming book and story ideas based on your family history research.

Discuss nonfiction genre, book structure and story structure that will best suits your needs.

Motivation and advice for remaining on track and accountable.

Creating writing habits to sustain you through your long-term project.

Help in overcoming writing and structure obstacles as you move through your project.


How The Family History Story Coach Program Works

As your story coach, Lynn will meet with you via telephone, Skype or Google+ hangout to discuss your writing, your ultimate goals, and review your idea or outline.

Based on your writing goals, Lynn will help you identify a particular path to keep you motivated and on-track with your writing in private coaching sessions.

In this multi-session package, you receive 5,  60-minute phone or Skype or Google+  meetings, monthly, weekly or bi-weekly. You choose the frequency with which you want support.

During your sessions, Lynn will motivate and inspire you, and provide quality feedback to your story, book and writing goals.

Having a regular appointment with a writing coach is a great way to keep you accountable, while also giving you regular feedback to ensure your writing stays on track.


Story Coaching Does Not Include

The coaching program does not include a writing critique. If you wish to receive a writing critique, consider The Family History Story Critique Service.


Upon payment, you’ll receive a  questionnaire to fill in prior to your first coaching session. This will allow Lynn, your story coach to get to the heart of your coaching session quickly. Upon submission of your questionnaire, you’ll receive a selection of dates and times for you to choose from for your first session.  Most coaching sessions will be scheduled within a two-week window after submitting the questionnaire.   This schedule may be adjusted based on our workload.


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