Writing Your Ancestor's Stories Don't Know How to Start?  

Are you  overwhelmed by the idea of writing?  

  • Are you a family historian who is intimidated about writing about your ancestors?
  • Are you worried you'll write boring stories that your family won't read.
  • Don't have the time to invest in a big writing project?   

Hi, I'm Lynn.  I know it can be difficult to write about your ancestors. I was like you once. But now, I'm passionate about transforming our ancestor's research into stories. I'd love to help you feel that way about your            family history. 

Are you worried that the research you've acquired means nothing to your family. 

Many of us have boxes of files, documents and pictures both on our computers and in boxes on shelves. Eventually it occurs to us that our family doesn't want it. Once were gone, our hard work will be wiped from our computers and those boxes thrown in a dumpster. That fear is very real for many of us. 

What our families want is a tidy package of stories maybe collected in a book, or on a blog or even a Facebook group. Somethnig that takes up little space is easy to look at and read. Something they can pass down. 

So you get it. You need to transform your boxes stuff into shareable stories.  You know you have to put your family history together in some sort of readable fashion, and preferabably something that is entertaining. But a stories, a book!! 

But the thought of starting that kind of project is just completely overwhelming and intimidating. And to make matters worse you're not a writer. 

Do you have gaps in your research? 

How can you begin to build a book or write a family history story when you have so many gaps in your research. Those gaps don't have to stop you from writing. The research will never be done, so when do I write this family history story. How do I tell the full story? 

Just because we have gaps in our research doesn't mean there are plenty of stories already waiting to be told. We don't need have it all. If that were the case we would wait forever. 

We do need to recognize that there are small stories sitting in our research right now. We can start with those small stories, they don't have be grand epic family adventures. We can start with one ancestor, one snippet in time that reveals something about our ancestor's character, something that will intrique and entertain our readers. 

Don't Want to Write a Family History Novel?

Looking for an easier solution 

Too many family historians shy away from writing their ancestor's stories because they don't want to write a huge family history novel that's going to take them years to see the results .  They just don't have the time for that kind of large overwhelming project. Besides our family want to read our family history in small bite-size pieces.

You Don't Have to Stop Researching to Begin Writing Your Ancestor Stories

I know you're saying that you still have so much research to do before you can even think about writing stories. 

I used to think that way too. Soon I realized that there were plenty of stories already waiting in my research, ready to be told.  I knew I could start with those stories and still keep researching all my other ancestors.  I didn't have wait. And I could learn to write starting with those stories and it wouldn't consume all my time. Then if and when I was ready to write a book I would be much better prepared for the process and I would have a collection of stories waiting. 

But I'm not a writer - You don't have to be, you just have to be willing to learn a few skills. With a litte practice you can learn to write. Who knows, maybe you'll love it!! 

Let's Recap Your Concerns  

  • You have gaps in your research 
     No worries, you don't need to know it all before you begin to write.
  • You don't have time for a big writing project
    Who does?  By carving out an hour here and there you can begin to write and assemble a collection of family history stories. 
  • You're not a writer!
    No starts writing knowing how. Few of us are given the natural talent of writing. It can be learned and you can learn it. 

Start Writing with Ancestor Profiles

Ancestor Profiles are the perfect way to begin to write your ancestor's stories. They are short and focus on a single ancestor and are a snapshot of your ancestor's life. 

 Ancestor Profiles allow you to write about your ancestor in small stories usually 500-2000 words. They don't cover an entire ancestor's life, but usually focus on one aspect of your ancestor.  You don't have to know their whole story, but maybe an event or timeframe in their life that has exemplied their strenghts or weaknesses, something interesting that you feel compelled to share with your family. An Ancestor Profile is the perfect place to start.

Write an ancestor's story in 500 words!!

You can write a small entertaining snapshot of your ancestor life is a little as 500 words. Of course you're not limited to 500 words but it's nice to to know that all it takes. How long would it take you to write 500 words. No time at all.  If you sat down and wrote one profile a week in 52 weeks you would have a nice collection for a book. 

Now, you can start writing stories immediately with 

                  Our New Course                    Writing Ancestor Profiles

Our new course will teach you all the skills you need to write an engaging and entertaining ancestor profile. 

We will teach you how to write with description and detail, dialogue, plot and scenes so that you can create ancestor profiles your family will be excited to read.  You'll get to practice those skills and complete a couple of ancestor profiles during this 6-week course getting feedback on your writing so that you can continue to move forward and improve your writing. 

  1. Hands on Practice :In this course you'll get plenty of hands on practice. We just don't give you theory, you learn to do it. 
  2. Examples of profiles:  We will share with you examples of profiles and you'll learn a variety of ways you can shape a profile. 
  3. Complete two profiles with feedback: By the end of this course you'll have completed to profiles and received feedback from your coach and peers. 

Writing Ancestor Profiles 

  • Learn to write ancestor profiles
  • Learn to bring description and detail to your writing
  • Learn to write with action
  • Learn to structure your profiles so they tell a story and bring a theme and focus about your ancestor​

Lynn Palermo
Creator of Writing Ancestor Profiles

About Your Writing Coach

I wrote my first family history book over 10 years ago, it was a massive success and instilled in me a passion to keep writing and to continue my writing journey put also to share that passion with others. 

I've been blogging for over seven years and teaching writing workshops for 3 years. I'm currently completing a Certificate in Creative Writing through the University of Toronto as I continue to work on other family history writing projects. 

Don't have time for an online course? 

I get that we are all busy and it's hard to free up a time in your schedule for an online course. But we do our best to keep our courses easy to fit into your schedule. You work in your own time, you're not tied to a computer for a particualar time. You can take this class from anywhere, your couch, the beach, or during your lunch break.  Each week you can download the class video and notes and work on the exercises in your own time. Check into the forum when its convenient to add to the discussion. It's that easy.

"I don't have any writing experience."

No worries. These are beginner classes. We don't expect to know how to write. We will teach you. We learn new elements each week. You just need to come prepared to do the exercises. 

As part of your  Writing Ancestor Profiles  Course you'll receive

  • Weekly videos and handouts that you can download and review at anytime
  • Access to Forum Discussions during the 6 weeks
  • Feedback from your writing coach 
  • Feedback from fellow students
  • Two complete ancestor profiles
  • Confidence to move forward with your writing

P.S.::While you might think you have plenty of time to register for this class, I would like to mention that my classes are limited in size in order to give my students the best experience possible. Therefore seats are limited, and my classes always sell out. I wouldn't want you to miss out. 

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