Getting Ready to Write: Organizing You, Your Research and Your Ancestors 

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An easy guide to help you get focused and organized before you begin to write.  
  • Manage Your Research: Writing a family history can be overwhelming.  When be put in place an organizational system to corral the chaos it becomes much easier to focus on the writing.  
  • Brainstorm Your Story: Before we begin to write our family history stories it's important to have a plan and to understand the scope and span of our story or book.  With a plan in place success is much more attainable. 
  • Establish a Writer Mindset: Nobody is born a writer. But with time and practice and a few tools you can learn the craft. As a family historian, writing will help you bridge the gap between your ancestors and your family. 

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In the Book, You Will:

Identify the Scope and Span of Your Story or Book

It's important to have a vision, an end game before you begin your project.  In our workbook we help you identify the scope and span of your story or book including surname strategies.

Learn to Create a Workflow

We identify three organizational spaces that are involved in writing your family history stories and show you how to create an efficient and productive workflow. 

Learn How to Shape a Life into a Story

Learn how to find the story in your ancestor's research. Discover the focus of the story and how to frame it with a beginning, middle and end. 

Discover How To Make Writing Part of Your Life

Writing takes time and patience. Learn how to find and make time in your schedule and how to set up a writing routine. 

About the Author: Lynn Palermo

Lynn Palermo is a family historian and a passionate family history writer. Lynn has written her own family history book and understands the struggles family historians face when shaping their genealogy into stories. She is the owner of  the blog The Armchair Genealogist. You'll find her blogging most days offering readers practical advice about researching their family history. As a freelance writer she has written for Internet Genealogy, Discovering Family History and Family Chronicle. 

​Lynn has been teaching for past 5 years at The Family History Writing Studio, where she shares her insights into writing family history stories. Lynn continues to develop her own knowledge of writing as she completes a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. 

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“ Lynn’s teachings have given us the tools to carefully craft our stories for the enjoyment by our families. I have learnt so much.”


"Lynn is a fantastic instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share."


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The key to writing family history stories is preparation and organization. This workbook will walk you through the preparation required before beginning to write your family history stories. Creating a workflow, finding a story focus and plan for your story and creating a writing routine are all imperative elements to successfully writing your family history stories. Take some time before you begin to write and give yourself the best possible chance at success.

 An easy to use e-workbook that makes writing your family history stories less overwhelming.  

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