Lynn’s Inner Circle

$99.99 per year for 1 year

Courses Included

A global online writing community for family historians. The Inner Circle is designed to help family history writers continue to develop their skills, stay focused and on task and learn productive writing habits.



You must have completed the Writing a Family History Scene and Plotting a Family History Story to be eligible.

Members of Lynn’s Inner Circle receive ongoing support, accountability and productivity.

The Benefits of Being an Inner Circle Member

  • The choice to upload two stories a month (maximum of 1000 words each) to our private forum.
  • Receive feedback on your writing from your peers.
  • Learn from reading your peers’ stories and learn to give constructive feedback.
  • Receive a podcast twice a month by Lynn. The podcast is exclusive to this online group. The focus of the podcasts include developing writing habits, self-confidence, overcoming writing fears etc. (not the craft of writing we have classes and workbooks for that)
  • Jump in on the opportunity to be a beta reader for Lynn’s upcoming projects.
  • Create a group of beta readers for your finish story or book.



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